We do it like this...

We have a long list of services. Some are exactly what you would expect from any accountant, some are not. We think all of them relevant to the needs of today’s non-profit organisations.

If you need help with a service that isn’t listed here please Contact Us. If we can't assist you, we will recommend someone who we trust that can.

Some of the services below are offered in conjunction with our trusted partners. For more information, please Contact Us.

Measuring results...

Accounts preparation

It is what it is – we know how to meet your regulatory obligations and project the right image to your donors and beneficiaries whilst keeping an eye on efficiency. Trading subsidiary? We can do those too.

Management accounts

On time and accurate – do you know how you’re doing?

Reporting obligations...

Not sure what sort of accounts/audit/independent examination you need? Contact Us and we’ll help you establish what your reporting requirements are (and the most appropriate or efficient way to meet those requirements).


Minimum fuss and disruption, professional knowledgeable staff, added value. Always happy to explain where the request for information fits into the context of the audit assignment. Tailored to fit in your reporting timescale.

Independent examination

As with audit, only cheaper and less in-depth. More appropriate for the smaller charity.

PIIDs, payroll, VAT and gift aid

We can take away the hassle from you completely, or just help you when you’re stuck.

Governance and control...

Internal control review and design

Not for profit organisations and trust go hand in hand. Good quality internal controls are there to protect your employees, not to cast suspicion on them. Solid, appropriate internal controls are a hallmark of a well run organisation.

'What if?' analysis

How reliable is your income stream? Have you thought about how you would cope if income dropped by 10%, 20% or even 30%. We can help you understand the implications and choices and prepare a plan so you aren't caught unawares.

VAT health check and advice

VAT registered or not sure? The way VAT affects non profit organisations is a complicated area. If your income is approaching £70,000 per annum it’s worth checking.

Trustee induction package

We provide a tailored package to help attract and prepare the best quality trustees to provide the governance your organisation needs.

Help with something special...

Project support

We can help you with cash flow, budgeting, accounts disclosure, managing restricted funds, advice on tax aspects of fundraising.

Interim Financial Director and mergers

Special circumstances and change often need a special approach. Managing transition, change and difficult times is where our experience counts.

I.T. training and implementation

Need help choosing and installing an accounting software package? We can assist all sizes of organisations.

Responsible employer...

Staff benefits

Financial and non financial – everything from pensions to flexible working. Understand your regulatory obligation and develop a package that gives maximum value to your staff within your budget.

HR support and advice

We will help you to understand your legal requirements and help you to be a good employer. We will also be there for you should things go wrong.

Check your image...

Website design

Cost effective design for the smaller charity. We design, host and maintain your website. Contact Us for further details.

Branding and marketing

Thinking of a makeover? Want to update your online or offline image? We can do that too.

The technology behind...

So that you know where we're coming from, how we achieve what we achieve and how our software ties in with yours, below are some of the programs we use.

Sage 50 Accounts

We use it for our business accounts, and have the latest bureau licence so we can read your data, however new or old your software is - http://www.sage.co.uk/


Viztopia Accounts Production, CORTAX, Central, Pertax – specialist software for accountants to make preparing statutory accounts and tax as efficient as possible - http://www.cch.co.uk/

Microsoft Office

The perennial favourite, includes programs like Excel, Word, Powerpoint and Outlook. We use the latest version which means we will always be able to read your files, however new or old your software is - http://office.microsoft.com/